Red and White aka Read and Write

Red and White aka Read and Write
Celebrating: Where’s Wally’s 30th Anniversary and Dr Seuss’s 60th Anniversary

As part of Literacy Week there is a dress up day to come as your favourite book character.

Photo from the dress up day

The front cover of the book

Image result for the cat in the hat book

Who’s your favourite book character and why?

Add your quick write here

Thing 4 looks like a white body with a red onesie that has a white circle that says Thing 4. Thing 4’s hair is blue and fuzzy.  Thing 4 looks the same as thing 1,2 and 3 they all have unlimited energy. Thing 4 one of my favorite book character because he/she is funny and fun.  

2017 Athletics Reflection

In Athletics I used a growth mindset by trying my hardest in all the activities even when things got hard. In high jump because I kept on trying my best every time.

I did manage to achieve my goal because in high jump I got the highest I’ve ever got ( I jumped one metre). So I was proud of myself.

The most challenging thing was long jump because it was my first event and I was really nervous to do it. In the end I tried my best and did ok.

The thing I was really proud of myself was shot sprints because I got 4th in my race. Last year I came 5th or 6th place so I am proud that I did it better this year.

Term 4 Learning Goal

Term 4 Learning Goal
My Learning Goal
To write longer pieces of writing and record my ideas more quickly.

How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.
  • Make a good plan that makes sense.
  • Follow my plan to help me with my ideas.
  • Focus on my writing and not other people’s.
  • Continue writing over days and weeks to increase the length.
  • Reread my writing each day to ensure it is making sense as it gets longer.
  • Record ideas when I come up with them.
How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
  • I will finish my writing quicker than a week.
  • I will be writing longer pieces of writing over a period of days.
My Learner Qualities Goal
Communicate because I do not share my ideas that much
How am I going to achieve my goal?
List strategies that you can use to work towards achieving your goal.  y
  • Ask more questions
  • Put my hand up more  
  • Share my ideas/learning/achievements more in class and hub Whanau Hui.

How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
I will have put my hand up if I have the answer or have an idea.
I will confidently share in front of the group, class or hub.

Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphins are the rarest marine dolphin and they are found only off the North-West coast off the North Island of New Zealand. Maui Dolphins are mammal and their natural habitat is the deep blue sea.

How much do they weigh?
Females grow to 1.7 m long and weigh up to 50 kg. Males are slightly smaller and lighter. The dolphins are known to live up to 20 years.

What do they eat?
Maui Dolphins live up to 20 years and they feed on small fish, squid, and ocean floor-dwelling species, such as flatfish and cod. Maui Dolphins spend much of their time making dives to find fish on the seafloor.

What are Pods?
Maui dolphins swim in pods; basically pods are groups that you are in, like you are in swimming groups but they only go where their pod is going.  You will normally find dolphins in their pod so when you are going out at sea in a boat you may see Maui Dolphins, but there will be more than one dolphin because they do not go a different way from their pods.

How long are they pregnant for?
It’s an amazing fact that besides the technology we have today humans have not yet been able to observe the birth of the dolphins in the wild. For now whatever information has been gained is based on the dolphins in captivity.

What are some threats?
Some threats to the Maui Dolphin is disease, attacks from sharks and orcas (killer whales) and extreme weather, which can cause mothers and calves to be separated, resulting in the death of the calf because they are only little.

In conclusion you should try and help the Maui Dolphins and look after them.

Image result for fin differnts Maui dolphin and normal dolphinImage result for fin differnts Maui dolphin and normal dolphinHere is a picture of Jesssica, Caitlyn and my model. 

.Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicat

.Learner Qualities: Empathise and Communicate

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 7.15.37 PM.png

Share at least 3 examples of how you have shown empathy recently.
1.  When my friend did not know the answer and she did not know what to do.
2.  When Caitlyn had to stay behind to finish her SML when all you friend got to do fun stuff.
3.   I showed empathy when my friend got called names by people so I helped her.

Share at least 3 examples of how you have communicated in different ways this term.
1.  Email
2. Drawing

3. Talking
Sep 18, 2017 12:23:54 PM.jpg

Oakland School Learner Qualities

What is my learning goal?
IALT manage my time well so I complete all my “MUST Do” SML Tasks each week
What has been going well?
40 book challenge because I am up to date with how many books we are supposed to have logged.
What have I been learning to do to get the tasks done?
I have been taking my work home so I can finish it.

Which tasks have I completed well?  Why?
Mathletics because I have completed it every week at home and some at school.
Which tasks have been challenging?  Why?
Writing because it was challenging to finish one piece of writing in one week.

What are some other bonus tasks I would like to do?
I would like to have a bonus task as drawing or some type of art because it is fun and relaxing to do.
My next step is……..
To do more bonus tasks.

Art Attack

WALT: Create artist inspired artwork.

What did I learn to do?
How to draw koru inspired artwork.
What is my next step?
Try to use more colours and patterns.

Steps in creating my art

First we began our draft copy of the artwork which was inspired by Raewyn Harris.I did multiple draftsof koru designs until I really liked it as I wanted to ensure it was my best work. After completing my draft using pencil I then redrew the picture using coloured chalk. Once we completed this we redrew our design on a bigger piece of paper. Once we had it drawn on the big paper we then selected different colour crayons to colour in my picture ensuring I didn't go over the chalk edges, making sure I left a chalk edge between colours. Once all the colouring was completed we put dye over our art and let it dry. After we finished and it was dry it looked very cool.

Here is a photo of my art.

Bullying Rap

  WALT:  To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying
How did you go about achieving this? Caitlyn, Alexia and I were very determined to finish.

What resources were used to help you? My book and HTML5 drum kit.
Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people? I collaborated with Caitlyn and Alexia.

How did you find the process? I think the process was good because the steps were easy to follow.

What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap? Making the beat.

What  might be your next step? My next step is to make a longer rap.

Bullying Rap
Wake up in the morning feeling like a fool
don't know why but I got to go to school
The bullies think they are so cool but
really there just sad and there making me mad

Knock on the door they lock me out
now I feel like I'm left out

Lunch time now sitting by myself
bully comes over with no body else
Says sorry dude for bullying you I
know how you feel I have been in
your shoes I have been bullied too.

Multiplication and Division


WALT: Solve times tables using the Written Method on more challenging questions.↡

What did I learn:

I learnt a lot of different strategies for Multiplication and Division like the how to do the written method

My next step is to Identify the other symbol(algorithm) we can use to solve division.

How I got this answer: First I did 8 multiplication by 8, then 8 multiplication by 9, then 8 multiplication by 6 and then 8 multiplication by 3, then add the answer together.

Goal and review

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps

Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...

Continue with writing progress.

Practise writing at home and school
Write using different text types
Be actively involved in workshops and class sessions
Reading my writing and thinking about what I have done well and what I can do next time
I always try my best at writing at school and at home to finish it.
Strategies I use is to not talk to friends when I am working so I can get done.
My next step is to continue with the work I am doing.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Reading longer texts more quickly.

Have a good space to work.
Reading everyday
Using the library to get exciting books
Working towards the 40 Book Challenge - want to get 10 books per term
A strategy I use now is to read books that I would not read and I try to read longer books.
I have made progress by reading a book a week for the 40 book challenge.

My next step is to strive to read even quicker.


W.A.L.T: Explain everyday time problems

I learnt how to use a timetable

I learnt about am and pm 

  • pm is afternoon (after midday
  • am is morning (before midday) 

I learnt about 24 hour time
  • 1:00 pm is 1300
  • 2:00 pm is 1400
  • 3:00 pm is 1500
  • 4:00 pm is 1600
  • 5:00 pm is 1700
  • 6:00 pm is 1800 
  • 7:00 pm is 1900 
  • 8:00 pm is 2000
  • 9:00 pm is 2100
  • 10:00 pm is 2200
  • 11:00 pm is 2300
  • 12:00 am is 2400 
  • I learnt about time relationships

moment in time writing

The person I am going to talk to you about is 10 years old and turning 11 in July.  She  is called Aysha.She has short brown hair and brown eyes.
She likes to play with her cousin Ava because she is cute and funny. Aysha also likes to play with babies because she finds them cute and funny to play with .
One of her favourite things to do is play netball with her friends.Aysha loves to make youtube videos and watch other people’s videos on youtube.
Aysha dislikes other people bossing her around and people telling her she is not right.
Some of her best friend go this school like Libby, Zara,Kaira and me. Some do not go to this school like Brooke.W  and  Amber.W. So that is Aysha Henderson, one of my best friends In the world.


WALT use grammatically correct structures.

  1. What is the main idea of this article?
Never give up when it gets hard.    √
  1. Write one sentence to show the use of these grammatical tools:
    1. brackets : (an accident for which he later apologised).   √
    2. hyphen : was a genius – almost as clever as Grandpa Sid.   √
    3. ellipses  :I invented those for health and safety reasons …  √
    4. Speech marks : “something is upsetting your grandfather”   √

  1. Hyperbole and Humour are used to tell this story. Find an example of each and record below;
    1. Humour
He also invented handstands,
Saturdays, and furless cats (an accident for which
he later apologised).

    1. Hyperbole
“You’d think it was the end for me – that Baron
von Spanner had won,” says Grandpa Sid, “but you’d
be wrong. I invented escapology!”    √

  1. Complete the  grammar activities on Details of login are on this image.  Login with your school google email and password. If you don’t get all questions correct the first time, re do the activity.

      In Quill I have been learning to combined  sentences.