Art Attack

WALT: Create artist inspired artwork.

What did I learn to do?
How to draw koru inspired artwork.
What is my next step?
Try to use more colours and patterns.

Steps in creating my art

First we began our draft copy of the artwork which was inspired by Raewyn Harris.I did multiple draftsof koru designs until I really liked it as I wanted to ensure it was my best work. After completing my draft using pencil I then redrew the picture using coloured chalk. Once we completed this we redrew our design on a bigger piece of paper. Once we had it drawn on the big paper we then selected different colour crayons to colour in my picture ensuring I didn't go over the chalk edges, making sure I left a chalk edge between colours. Once all the colouring was completed we put dye over our art and let it dry. After we finished and it was dry it looked very cool.

Here is a photo of my art.

Bullying Rap

  WALT:  To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying
How did you go about achieving this? Caitlyn, Alexia and I were very determined to finish.

What resources were used to help you? My book and HTML5 drum kit.
Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people? I collaborated with Caitlyn and Alexia.

How did you find the process? I think the process was good because the steps were easy to follow.

What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap? Making the beat.

What  might be your next step? My next step is to make a longer rap.

Bullying Rap
Wake up in the morning feeling like a fool
don't know why but I got to go to school
The bullies think they are so cool but
really there just sad and there making me mad

Knock on the door they lock me out
now I feel like I'm left out

Lunch time now sitting by myself
bully comes over with no body else
Says sorry dude for bullying you I
know how you feel I have been in
your shoes I have been bullied too.

Multiplication and Division


WALT: Solve times tables using the Written Method on more challenging questions.↡

What did I learn:

I learnt a lot of different strategies for Multiplication and Division like the how to do the written method

My next step is to Identify the other symbol(algorithm) we can use to solve division.

How I got this answer: First I did 8 multiplication by 8, then 8 multiplication by 9, then 8 multiplication by 6 and then 8 multiplication by 3, then add the answer together.