Art Attack

WALT: Create artist inspired artwork.

What did I learn to do?
How to draw koru inspired artwork.
What is my next step?
Try to use more colours and patterns.

Steps in creating my art

First we began our draft copy of the artwork which was inspired by Raewyn Harris.I did multiple draftsof koru designs until I really liked it as I wanted to ensure it was my best work. After completing my draft using pencil I then redrew the picture using coloured chalk. Once we completed this we redrew our design on a bigger piece of paper. Once we had it drawn on the big paper we then selected different colour crayons to colour in my picture ensuring I didn't go over the chalk edges, making sure I left a chalk edge between colours. Once all the colouring was completed we put dye over our art and let it dry. After we finished and it was dry it looked very cool.

Here is a photo of my art.

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