Term 2 Music

We are learning to ...
- play the chime bars to go up and down the scale 
- explore the differences between high and low sounds and soft and loud sounds 
- sing songs in time with the music. 
We know when we have done this when...

  • we can play up the scale, and down the scale in time to the song
  • we can keep in time with the music
  • we can say whether the sounds are high or low
  • we can play loudly or softly
  • we can sing in time with the music


23rd June

Today I got my Bronze certificate in Assembly.

Term 2 Reading

I am learning to talk about the characters setting and plot in the stories we read.

Teacher: What is one thing that you like about reading?

Annabel: I like reading with the group and reading different sorts of books.


A Place that is important to me.
Inflatable world – it has lots of fun things to do and it has two fun things where you wear a special suit and jump against a wall and you stick to it.

Art Attack - Term 2

My drawing of still life at the workshop by Mr Shaskey.

We are learning to ...
  • plan a drawing using the elements of line, tone, texture, colour, form, shape, and space
  • use the techniques of sketching, using the correct brush strokes, colour mixing, texturing, and applying a black border.
  • communicate and interpret my idea of a kowhaiwhai pattern.

Student comment:
It was hard to do the outlining for the river in paint but I am happy with it because I like the colours.

Term 2 Published Storywriting

We are learning to write a recount
We know when we have done this when we have…
·       An introduction telling who, what and where
·       Events in sequence
·       Sentences starting in different ways
·       Describing words to create a picture in the mind of the reader

·       A conclusion/ending/personal response