Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphins are the rarest marine dolphin and they are found only off the North-West coast off the North Island of New Zealand. Maui Dolphins are mammal and their natural habitat is the deep blue sea.

How much do they weigh?
Females grow to 1.7 m long and weigh up to 50 kg. Males are slightly smaller and lighter. The dolphins are known to live up to 20 years.

What do they eat?
Maui Dolphins live up to 20 years and they feed on small fish, squid, and ocean floor-dwelling species, such as flatfish and cod. Maui Dolphins spend much of their time making dives to find fish on the seafloor.

What are Pods?
Maui dolphins swim in pods; basically pods are groups that you are in, like you are in swimming groups but they only go where their pod is going.  You will normally find dolphins in their pod so when you are going out at sea in a boat you may see Maui Dolphins, but there will be more than one dolphin because they do not go a different way from their pods.

How long are they pregnant for?
It’s an amazing fact that besides the technology we have today humans have not yet been able to observe the birth of the dolphins in the wild. For now whatever information has been gained is based on the dolphins in captivity.

What are some threats?
Some threats to the Maui Dolphin is disease, attacks from sharks and orcas (killer whales) and extreme weather, which can cause mothers and calves to be separated, resulting in the death of the calf because they are only little.

In conclusion you should try and help the Maui Dolphins and look after them.

Image result for fin differnts Maui dolphin and normal dolphinImage result for fin differnts Maui dolphin and normal dolphinHere is a picture of Jesssica, Caitlyn and my model. 

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