moment in time writing

The person I am going to talk to you about is 10 years old and turning 11 in July.  She  is called Aysha.She has short brown hair and brown eyes.
She likes to play with her cousin Ava because she is cute and funny. Aysha also likes to play with babies because she finds them cute and funny to play with .
One of her favourite things to do is play netball with her friends.Aysha loves to make youtube videos and watch other people’s videos on youtube.
Aysha dislikes other people bossing her around and people telling her she is not right.
Some of her best friend go this school like Libby, Zara,Kaira and me. Some do not go to this school like Brooke.W  and  Amber.W. So that is Aysha Henderson, one of my best friends In the world.

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