Term 1 2014 Written Language

WALT write a timed recount about a time when we did something special with our whanau or family.
Write about:
·      when and where you did something special
·      who was with you
·      what you did (think about the order you did things)
·      how you felt and why you felt this way.

By Annabel Keylard

On the holidays we went to Nelson for ten days. It was extremely fun. I went on the hydro-slide. Me and my two cousins went down together and we tried to hold hands but we couldn’t. Then we tried the first person to lean back and hold the second person’s legs then that person had the next person’s leg and it worked. My sister’s tooth came out because she banged her head and then she hit the side of her chin. So mum took Rebecca to the dentist. We went to the beach with all of my cousins and we brought our boogie boards and it was cold.

Next stepsAdd extra details to the story and use some descriptive words to create a clear picture in the mind of the reader. Finish the story with a personal response.

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